Vol 7, No 1-2 (2013)

Theories and Models of Literary Historiography

Table of Contents

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The Fissured Identity of Literature: The Birth of National Literary History out of International Cultural Transfers [Abstract] HTML PDF || Full Text
Vladimir Biti
Ziele der Literaturgeschichtsschreibung [Abstract] HTML PDF || Full Text
Jan Borkowski, Philipp David Heine
Against Totality: Reading for Intermedial Literary Constellations [Abstract] HTML PDF || Full Text
Florian Sedlmeier


Black Hellas? A Footnote to the Black Athena Debate [Abstract] HTML PDF || Full Text
A.K. Jayesh
Outer vs. Inner Reverberations: Verbal Auditory Imagery and Meaning-Making in Literary Narrative [Abstract] HTML PDF || Full Text
Anežka Kuzmičová
The Ontology and Literary Status of the Screenplay: The Case of »Scriptfic« [Abstract] HTML PDF || Full Text
Ted Nannicelli
Authorship, Authenticity and the Perceptual/Non-Perceptual Divide [Abstract] HTML PDF || Full Text
Andrea Selleri


»The liquidation of the particular«: On Anxiety, the Misuse of Trauma Theory, Bourgeois Coldness, the Absence of Self- reflection of Literary Theory, and »something uncomfortable and dangerous« in Connection with Stefan Zweig’s Schachnovelle. [Full text] HTML PDF
Hannes Fricke