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Vol 14, No 1 (2020): Interpretation and/or/as Aesthetic Experience

Table of Contents


Interpretation and Aesthetic Appreciation HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Wouter T. C. Bisschop
Historisierung des Diskurses und Potenzierung ästhetischer Erfahrungen in der Literatur der (Post-)Moderne HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Corinna Dziudzia
Formen der Kritik – ein Präliminarium HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Rüdiger Görner
When Not Communicating. The Critical Potential of the Literary Text and the Limits of Interpretation HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Antonio Iannarone
Literary Appreciation in the Framework of Positivism HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Vincenz Pieper
Aesthetic Appreciation and the Dependence Between Deep and Surface Interpretation HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Bartosz Stopel


The Implied Fictional Narrator HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
J. Alexander Bareis