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Vol 12, No 2 (2018): The Paradox of Fiction

Table of Contents


The Paradox of Fiction – A Brief Introduction into Recent Developments, Open Questions, and Current Areas of Research, including a Comprehensive Bibliography from 1975 to 2018 HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Eva-Maria Konrad, Thomas Petraschka, Christiana Werner
Emotion in the Appreciation of Fiction [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Íngrid Vendrell Ferran
Empathy – Real-Life and Fiction-Based [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Anja Berninger
Desires and Fiction [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Eva-Maria Düringer
Von den Lesewelten zur Lebenswelt. Überlegungen zu der Frage, warum uns fiktionale Literatur berührt HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Christoph Demmerling
How Can We Be Moved to Shoot Zombies? A Paradox of Fictional Emotions and Actions in Interactive Fiction [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Nele Van de Mosselaer
In the Mood for Paradox? Das Verhältnis von Fiktion, Stimmung und Welterschließung aus mentalistischer und phänomenologischer Perspektive [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Benjamin Gittel
Emotion, Darstellung, Fiktion. Literaturtheoretische Überlegungen zum Verhältnis zwischen Fiktionsparadox und Mimesisparadox [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Frank Zipfel


Why Does Frank Underwood Look at Us? Contemporary Heroes Suggest the Need of a Turn in the Conceptualization of Fictional Empathy [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Massimo Salgaro, Benjamin Van Tourhout