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Vol 11, No 1 (2017): Theories of Lyric

Table of Contents

Table of Contents PDF


Theories of Lyric [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Claudia Hillebrandt, Sonja Klimek, Ralph Müller, William Waters, Zymner Rüdiger
The Lyrical Impulse [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Charles Altieri
The I and the Others. Articulations of Personality and Communication Structures in the Lyric [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Dieter Burdorf
Lyric Words, not Worlds [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Jonathan Culler
›I will solve my riddle to the music of the lyre‹ (Psalm 49:4). How ›Lyrical‹ is Hebrew Psalmody? [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Susan Gillingham
Theory of the Lyric: a Prototypical Approach [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Klaus W. Hempfer
Philosophy and the Lyric [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Peter Lamarque
Form and Content, Again. Four Remarks on Lyric Theory [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Fabian Lampart
Some Prospects for the Theory of Lyric Poetry [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Dieter Lamping
A World of Gestures [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Dominique Rabaté
Lyric Poetry: Intergeneric, Transnational, Translingual? [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Jahan Ramazani
Lyric Reading and Empathy [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Antonio Rodriguez
Lyric Lost and Found [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Haun Saussy
Towards a Historical Typology of the Subject in Lyric Poetry [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Henrieke Stahl
Discordia Concors. Immersion and Artifice in the Lyric [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Eva Zettelmann
Lyric and Its ›Worlds‹Lyric and Its ›Worlds‹ [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULLTEXT
Rüdiger Zymner