Vol 5, No 2 (2011)

Standards and Norms of Literary Studies

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Fotis Jannidis, Gerhard Lauer, Simone Winko
The Craft of Building Theories. On Hermeneutics and Philology [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Remigius Bunia
Standards and Norms in the Study of American Literature [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Winfried Fluck
The Geography of Comparative Literature [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Rebecca Gould
Standards and Norms of Scandinavian Studies. An Attempt at Determining a Position [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Joachim Grage
»Čto (ne) delat’« – »What is (not) to be done«? Why Standards and Norms are a Current Problem within Slavistics [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Rainer Grübel
Quality and Quality Control in the Humanities. Funding Perspectives [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Axel Horstmann
Norms and Standards of Comparative Literary Studies [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Dieter Lamping
Norms and Standards as Necessary Guidelines for Scholarly Practice [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Jörg Schönert
Paradise Lost. Why Classical Philology Has to Rethink its Standards and Norms [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Jürgen Paul Schwindt
Literary Studies and Self-Determination [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Sophie Wennerscheid
Measuring Ideas, Managing Readings? On the Criteria for Determining Quality in Research in Literary Studies [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Thomas Wiemer
Author-Functions in Literary Theory and Interpretive Practice. A Comparison [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Marcus Willand