Vol 4, No 1 (2010)

Literary Studies and Linguistics

Table of Contents

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The Non-linguistic in Poetic Language. A Generative Approach [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Nigel Fabb
Literary Studies and Linguistics. The »LiLi« Project in a Contemporary Linguistics Perspective [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Ulla Fix
Readers Closing in on Immoral Characters’ Consciousness. Effects of Free Indirect Discourse on Response to Literary Narratives [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Jèmeljan Hakemulder, Emy Koopman
Modality. Commitment, Truth Value and Reality Claims Across Modes in Multimodal Novels [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Nina Nørgaard
New Challenges for Feminist Stylistics. The Case of Girl with a One Track Mind [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Ruth Page
Linguistics and Literary Studies in the International ›Knowledge Cultures‹. German Studies at the Intersection of New Insights from the Sociologies of Knowledge and Technology [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Gesine Lenore Schiewer
Linguistic Devices and Ecstatic Poetry. »The Windhover« – Tongue-Twisters and Cognitive Processes [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Reuven Tsur


The Testability of Hypotheses about Authors’ Intentions [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Axel Bühler


On Teaching The Story of O. Lateral Ethics and the Conditions of Reading [Full text] HTML PDF
Peter J. Rabinowitz