Vol 3, No 2 (2009)

Theory of Humor

Table of Contents


Humour as a Metacommunicative Process [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Alexander Brock
Joint Construction of Humorous Fictions in Conversation. An Unnamed Narrative Activity in a Playful Keying [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Helga Kotthoff
Humor Styles and Symbolic Boundaries [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Giselinde Kuipers
Humor as Cognitive Play [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
John Morreall
A Theory of Humor in Interaction [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Neal R. Norrick
How to Understand and Assess a Theory: The Evolution of the SSTH into the GTVH and Now into the OSTH [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Victor Raskin, Christian F. Hempelmann, Julia M. Taylor
Variants of Incongruity Resolution [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Graeme Ritchie
Sensation Seeking, General Aesthetic Preferences, and Humor Appreciation as Predictors of Liking of the Grotesque [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Willibald Ruch, Julia Malcherek
Laughing at the Body: Approaches to a Performative Theory of Humor [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Hans Rudolf Velten


»I cannot endure to read a line of poetry«. The Text and the Empirical in Literary Studies [Full text] HTML PDF
Virginia Richter