Vol 6, No 1 (2012)

Trauma and Literature

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Transgenerational Communication of Traumatic Experiences. Narrating the Past from a Postmemorial Position [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Athanasios Anastasiadis
Unsatisfactory Narration or the Narrative Mediation of Atrocious Presence? Narratives of Jewish Survivors of National Socialist Concentration Camps [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Brigitte Boothe, Gisela Thoma
Cultural Trauma, Evolution, and America’s Atomic Legacy in Silko’s Ceremony [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Aaron DeRosa
The Ethics of Fiction. African Writers on the Genocide in Rwanda [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Martina Kopf
Affective Knowledge, Self-awareness and the Function of Myth in the Representation and Transmission of Trauma. The Case of Eva Figes’ Konek Landing [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Susana Onega
Dissociation, Memory and Trauma Narrative [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Angelica Staniloiu, Hans J. Markowitsch
Traumatic Creativity. Peirce’s Abductive Inference as a Resource for Literary Trauma Studies [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Barry Stampfl
Provincializing Trauma? A Case Study of Family Violence, Media Reception, and Transcultural Memory [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Wulf Kansteiner, Harald Weilnböck


Notes for a(nother) Theory of Experientiality [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Marco Caracciolo
Law, Tragedy, Spirit: Hölderlin Contra Agamben [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Ian Cooper
Rereading Literary Form: Paratexts, Transpositions, and Postethnic Literature around 2000 [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Florian Sedlmeier
Metonymy and Intimacy [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Rebecca Wells-Jopling, Keith Oatley
Literary Studies and the Spatial Turn [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Kathrin Winkler, Kim Seifert, Heinrich Detering


The Ethics of Encounter in Contemporary Theater Performances [Full text] HTML PDF
Katharina Pewny
A Strange Discussion: ›Ethical Criticism‹ [Full text] HTML PDF
Michael Titzmann