Vol 2, No 1 (2008)


Table of Contents

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Action Theory, Practical Rationality, and Interpretation [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Christoph Dennerlein, Tilmann Köppe, Jan C. Werner
Procrustean Beds and Strange Bedfellows: On Literary Value as Assigned by Literary Theories [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Bo Pettersson
Intention and Interpretation [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Robert Stecker
Untangling the Strands of Interpretation [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Thomas Zabka


Presence as an Effect of Mediation [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Katharina Philipowski
Is Aesthetic Illusion ›illusion référentielle‹? ›Immersion‹ in (Narrative) Representations and its Relationship to Fictionality and Factuality [Abstract] HTML PDF || FULL TEXT
Werner Wolf


The Polemic Animal (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Partisan Politics). A Reply to Karl Eibl [FULL TEXT] HTML PDF
Frank Kelleter
I Can See Something You Don’t See – or: There Is no Alternative to the Culture of Arguments [FULL TEXT] HTML PDF
Johannes Endres