Tom Kindt

Rüdiger Zymner

Perception of Style. On the Relationship between Stylistics, Style, and Gestalt


Full-length article in: JLT 2/2 (2008), 305-320.

This article calls attention to several problems in literary stylistics. It then presents three stylistic approaches which borrow concepts from gestalt psychology in order to replace an ›objectivistic‹ theory of style analysis, which raises a number of questions about how to connect microstylistic elements and a general macrostylistic appraisal of a text, with a constructivist theory of style perception.


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Abstract of: Rüdiger Zymner, Stilwahrnehmung. Zur Beziehung von Stilistiken, Stil und Gestalt.

In: JLTonline (16.09.2009)


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